Jan 18, 2021

We are Making Huge Moves in 2021...

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We've got some news, we made some "huge moves" in 2020 and in 2021 we will literally be making the biggest move and moving into a new house - one we own! We are now under contract for a dreamy little place just south of where we are now and we couldn't be more excited for the building process to be completed. For now we just admire the merit of our hard work (and the lovely construction workers' hard work too, of course)!

But here's the thing, we never could've done this a few years ago. Our credit was wack, our savings was non-existent, and our spending habits weren't even being discussed. It took lots of work, some coaching, and some serious dedication, but we did it. I'm not going to say it was all rainbows and butterflies, because it wasn't. We worked hard to accomplish our goals over the last few years and one of the biggest things we worked on to achieve our ultimate goal of buying a home was repairing our credit. Credit repair isn't for the weak, it takes time and patience - but all of our hard work obviously paid off and we are more than just excited for our big move this Spring. There's no words to describe it, honestly.

With that said, you don't have to face repairing your credit on your own. Lexington Law can help.

Whether you are working to have something questionable removed or need help understanding how you can repair your credit in general, you can count on Lexington Law to be there with you every step of the way.

But who is Lexington Law? That's why we're here today! Lexington Law is a consumer advocacy law firm with years of experience helping hundreds of thousands of Americans take steps to achieve their dreams by helping them repair their credit. The firm is the largest network of credit repair consultants in the U.S., employing countless attorneys and paralegals, as well as agents, across 18 states! They are able to work FOR YOU by leveraging consumer rights to resolve issues with those pesky creditors on your tail. They also work with data furnishers and credit bureaus to make sure your credit is as clean as possible. Lexington Law wants credit reports to be as fair and accurate as possible for you and they work hard to accomplish this!

Lexington Law doesn't just help remove those negative remarks though, they also help you analyze and learn how to maintain your credit, while also offering identity theft monitoring and more. They set you up for success and help you truly understand how to keep your credit report looking in tip-top shape! Whether you are working towards big goals or just trying to lower your debt, Lexington Law could be the answer.

Are you thinking about buying a home but not sure where to start...? Honestly, we felt the same way, but we just knew we had to make this dream a reality so we worked hard to repair our credit and have now accomplished our dream. We both love watching it be built, brick by brick, just like we rebuilt our credit! Interested in taking the steps to repair your credit? You need to check out what LexingtonLaw can do for you!

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Jun 9, 2018

Enter to Win The Giveaway of a Lifetime!

This post is sponsored by Scott Brand, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Who likes to travel?


Ohh, okay, so it's not just us. Honestly, not truly shocked there. We all have a bit of a wild bone in our bodies and mine is definitely telling me it's time to take a little vacation. So off we go... hopefully sometime soon.

We all know sometimes that's just not in the budget though... but here's the scoop, if you need toilet paper and want to win a giveaway to watch ANY race in 2018 or 2019. Then visit Amazon & add your new favorite "Scott Comfort Plus" to your cart, check out, and enter the contest... and you could win!

What do you have to do to enter to win the epic prize... you may ask?

Buy the all new Scott Comfort Plus on Amazon.com. Plain and simple... but you can also save $1.50 and up to 15% off + free shipping with Subscribe & Save.

So what are you waiting for...?
We just knew you'd want to enter to win the giveaway so check out and let us know which race you would want to go witness in person?

Feb 22, 2018

Embracing Parenthood: 4 ways Dads & Daughters Can Bond Featuring Baby Dove


Being a parent is a crazy experience, we go from being sure of what we're doing to suddenly questioning our ways... all because this tiny toddler is questioning us. I mean... it's hard to say no to her little puzzling stare when we try to get her to say "please" before giving her another bite of her favorite Gouda mac & cheese. When she's stomping through the house running back to her room  because we've upset her, I think maybe it's a preview into our future and question if something we're doing has already created a little drama llama. 🤣


One thing we do know...? We're doing the best we can... and well, she seems to be pretty dang happy most days. So while parenting has proven to occasionally be difficult, maybe we are doing the right thing with her... most of the time. Ha.


As a parent, there's one thing that's of utmost importance, at least from our point of view... and that's forming a healthy, strong bond. From the moment D came into this world we both wanted her to really know us and trust us. From what we had read, skin-to-skin contact was a great way to instantly start to form a bond. So, Instead of having an overwhelming amount of people in her delivery room and a medical check up performed, we had her vitals checked and then asked for a few hours of bonding time. It was the sweetest few hours with her, possibly ever. She was so tiny, so fragile, and so ready to be held and when she laid upon both of our chests, everything just felt right...and, well, there's no reason to lie about it, I think we both often feel that same sense of peace when she lays her head on our chests to this day.


With that said, often times you see mother & daughter bonding activities being discussed... from tea parties to mommy and me yoga - this bond is often encouraged and celebrated. Well, today, we want to talk about some daddy & me activities... because let's face it, D is a total daddy's girl. So without further ado, here's the other half of We Just Knew, ready to tell y'all about how he and Delainey get some quality bonding time in.


4 ways Dads & Daughters can bond:


1. Encourage all ways of play - From playing dress up to kicking around a soccer ball, being a dad is about doing it all. Whether you have a son or daughter, I think it is important to at least sometimes encourage play outside of gender stereotypes and in non-gender specific roles such as playing chef in their little kitchens, or playing maid by pretending to vacuum the house. Being a dad to a daughter comes with having to step out of your "male" comfort zone and into a world of tea parties, princess play, make up play, and all the other girlie things you normally would be embarrassed to be caught doing. But that is fine. Of course, I'd be lying to not admit I'd prefer to be teaching her to play music or kicking around the ball all the time, but spending time playing with her and seeing her happy, no matter what the activity, fills my heart with an overflowing amount of love. If she wants tea parties, I will put my whole heart into giving her the best tea party she could imagine. Unforced, quality play time is an important part of bonding every day!


2. Story time - Bonding over a good book is one of my favorite ways to be a dad for Delainey. We started reading to her while she was in womb (a good way to get her to recognize and trust you voice) and now, at 16 months, she brings us both multiple books a day to read. Again, as with playtime, it is important not to force them to sit down and read a book. The better thing to do, and thus where the good bonding comes into action, is to try to keep their attention by using silly voices and getting them involved in the book as much as you can. I like to set Delainey on my lap so we have the same perspective of the book and she can more easily point at things on the pages she likes or wants to ask about and so she can flip the pages, pull the tabs, feel, and scratch and sniff! If the book talks about a nose, poke their nose. If a book talks about clapping, help them clap. Keep them active for the story. Not only will the bonding be stronger, but they will get more out of the book and be more involved in the learning.


3. Endless Outings - Going places and doing things together is a great way to build a special bond, whether we're going on a daddy-daughter play date or running errands, Delainey always likes to go "bye-bye." She just wants to be with someone who loves her all times of the day, what she is doing with them, really becomes second rate to just being involved. Kids want to be included and you can make all outings fun, whether it is going to the zoo, to the park down the street, or just going to the grocery store to get some shopping done. Bonding boils down to time and security. If you are there for your littles, and let them know they are always welcome, they will feel secure and thus the bond between you becomes even more powerful.


4. Daily Routines - Whenever I'm home from work, I often take on the responsibilities; from bath time to prepping meals, I take over and allow Lauren to get some work done. It helps us all out, she gets some baby-free time to make bows or write blog posts and Delainey and I get some quality time together. These moments are priceless and I wouldn't trade them for the world. From staying clean, to having fun, Delainey just loves me being with her as much as I love being with her nothing creates a greater bond than time.


On that same note, something else that comes pretty highly recommended in our house is Dove products. We've always been Dove users, from the conditioner, deodorant, and restorative hair products for Lauren to the Men's body wash from me, it's a brand we know, trust, and even use on Delainey now. She has come to really enjoy bath time because she has become obsessed with "wawa" (water), but before she loved baths, she hated them and Baby Dove tip to toe wash helped make bath time easier on both of us and continues to do the same.


Baby Dove products not only play a part in keeping her clean, but also keeping her skin healthy! After bath, baby Dove lotion continues to play a part in our routine. She loves getting a nice leg and foot massage with Baby Dove lotion, but seriously, who wouldn't!? Little ones thrive in routines because it helps them become confident and instills a sense of security in the process, thus proving to create a greater bond between us and them.


Why do we love Dove so much...? Well, not only is the baby Dove tip to toe wash formulated to help their skin retain moisture, but it is also tear free and hypoallergenic (which in our house means alot)! If that's not enough of a reason to love Baby Dove then check out this coupon and fall in love even more.


So tell us, how do you embrace the bond with your kiddo?

Nov 27, 2017

The BEST Christmas Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms & Nursing Babies!

When we began our breastfeeding journey 15 months ago we really had no clue what we were getting into, we essentially we're just winging it... We have come so far since then.

Now that we've been nursing for over a year I feel like I have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to what breastfeeding really takes. I mean, nursing really is just a part of who we are as a family right now and while our journey is likely coming to an end soon, I feel like I should share some of this knowledge and on that same note, it's gift giving season and I'm sure you're making a list and checking it twice. So, if anyone on your list is breastfeeding then I suggest you check out these items that every breastfeeding mama (and baby) need:


The best gift you can give a sweet little nursling and mama is Evivo. This miracle in probiotic form is not only going to help baby's gut NOW but in the future, providing the right amount of "good bacteria" and helping to promote a healthy immune system for years to come.


With almost 2 children in every Kindergarten classroom having food allergies, it's obvious why something needs to change... and that change should be Evivo! You just simply mix a little bit of milk with the packets and let baby get a dose of goodness, each day!

Want to learn more about Evivo? Click here and use the code 4201 to save $10 off an Evivo Probiotics Starter Kit of 4 weeks or more! 

A nursing cover for mama and baby is a MUST HAVE. We nursed everywhere from the market to amusement parks with our cover and I think we both found comfort in it, me being able to modestly nurse anywhere and her being nice and warm and snug within it - it really was a win-win item for both of us!

Wondering what else would make a great gift for the little nursling in your life? Punny breastfeeding t-shirts are always a hit! Personally I love sharing the fact that she's still breastfed and I let her wear it proud.

Lanolin is another item every mama needs in the beginning. This miracle cream makes sore nipples way less tender and helps heal cracks. During those beginning stages when a baby's latch is being perfected, this cream is lifechanging.

And lastly, a gift for your mama friend - a plate of homemade lactation cookies like these! When you gift a plate of cookies that not only taste delicious but up her supply, you can't go wrong!

So tell us, what gift would you give a breastfeeding mama and baby?


Aug 22, 2017

Six Things We Wish We Had Known About Parenting...

So, we know a lot of things... or we think we do, hence the name of our blog. The thing is, sometimes you don't really know something until you've experienced it.

Case & Point? Parenthood.

We planned on doing things a little differently... but hey, we're all just winging it, right? We know Delainey knows she is loved. We know now that being a parent isn't always easy... some days are rougher than others. We also know the moment you feel those sweet little eyes admiring you after you've taught them something new; we know how incredibly worth every second of a tantrum is to feel that adoration... and I can only assume those precious moments intensify and repeat over the years.

Now that we're approaching Delainey's first birthday, we're stoked to be able to celebrate her one year here with us... but I have to admit, we're kind of celebrating making it through one year as parents too. This is all new to us, like most parents - the good news is, we've lived a little, we've learned a lot, and today we're sharing just a small portion of that knowledge.

Because as I said, we know a lot of things, but we had no idea what parenting would really be like.

So, we'll start here:


Cloth Diapering - I'm going to start out by saying, I always thought cloth diapering sounded like a great idea but the actuality of doing it definitely intimidated me. Dealing with waste, washing them, knowing which snaps to use... I had no clue and for some reason, no matter how many times someone would tell me, I would still feel squeemish about it. The funny thing? I love cloth diapering now. It's easy, it's cost-effective, it's environmentally friendly... and if you are fashion conscious, it can even be a fashion statement. Plus, I think D prefers cloth as she's learning to toddle around... they seem to add a little needed cushion!


Evivo - Speaking of adding just the right amount... Evivo is something we had no idea about when D first came into the picture. I mean, a probiotic for their tiny, growing bodies makes sense... but for some reason it wasn't at the forefront of our minds.

Then we did the research and found out how important it is for Delainey's gut health to provide her with just the right amount of probiotics. If you're interested in learning more about Evivo, click here to learn more.


Comparison isn't fair - On that note, learning is a constant at this stage... but it's important to remember not to compare your child to another. Whether it's a sibling or a friend's kid, they all learn, grow, and excel at different rates. I like to say if her "pediatrician isn't concerned then I'm not concerned", while it sounds silly it's a good reminder not to stress the small stuff.

The funny thing is, she just starts doing stuff randomly. One day she isn't crawling and the next morning she is. One day she just doesn't even want to try to stand and the next she's cruising around our furniture. She's unpredictable and does everything in her own time, so instead of worrying about the rate that she's accomplishing things, we're just along for the ride and enjoying watching her.

With that said, we're still waiting on even a single tooth to pop through... teething is rough, y'all.


Baby Led Weaning - This is another thing I had no idea about when I first had Delainey. I honestly thought baby food in containers at the grocery store was the only way to feed an infant... and while it's an okay way to give your kiddo food, you can offer them foods you eat.

But wait, I'm not suggesting you toss your 6 month old a steak and potato with a side salad, it's more of a gradual adjustment to the world of food. We started with avocado, then sweet potato, then some other fruits like blueberries, strawberries, bananas, mangos, etc... and now her list of foods she has tried could rival a picky adult eaters! HA.

Seriously though, Baby Led Weaning isn't about getting the baby off the breast (or bottle), it's more about allowing a baby to become part of the family meal at a younger age. We love sharing with Delainey and we've found she's a huge fan of unexpected foods like quinoa and jackfruit... we have also found that while she's waiting on teeth, she's able to eat almost anything - which is impressive!


Buy/Sell/Trade - Speaking of impressive... BST boards are full of super impressive deals! We have clothed Delainey in some of the most adorable clothing at ridiculously low clearance k-mart prices thanks to finding the buy/sell/trade world on the internet. Interested in diving into the addicting and exciting world of cute baby clothes resell? I'm not even kidding when I tell you, you'll find the cutest clothes and the best of deals (and it's pretty likely you'll make a few friends too). Search for groups on Facebook featuring your favorite small shops! Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming post about our fav BST groups on LaurenPaints.com! I'll be sharing a great little list of our favorites as part of our current rep series!


Time - This one we can't even claim we didn't know... because everyone told us it would happen. "Time flies" isn't just a cliche statement - it is the honest truth.We had no idea how quickly this last year would fly by. Maybe it's the fact that every day with Delainey is fun? Not really sure... all we do know is we are blessed to get to speed along side her in this crazy thing we call life.

On that note, if you're a more seasoned parent than us (or you think we missed something), leave a note letting us know what you wish you had known about parenthood below. We are still learning all about parenting this little nuggest so we can't wait to see what you have to say!

Dec 13, 2016

Starting Holiday Traditions and a BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH Stick Vacuum Giveaway!

This year the holiday season is a little more merry with Delainey in the picture. She's our little angel, everything we ever wanted, and so incredibly perfect... so obviously being chipper and full of cheer comes easily this year and every year from now on.


It's pretty amazing experiencing the holidays with our child and we look forward to every year ahead... with that said, we're hoping to start some traditions in our house.


One tradition we plan on having is gifting our little princess with a pair of personalized jammies and a book on Christmas eve. Another tradition we are starting is making our own ornaments... and today we're sharing this tradition and a little DIY with you in hopes that you'll make it a part of your holiday celebration as well.


For this DIY ornament project you will need:

Clear Plastic Ornaments
Glitter in festive colors
Confetti (or colored paper to make your own)
Gold tinsel wreath (or something similar from the $1 store)

To get this project started, cut up your paper into long slices - these will be made into curly q's and confetti. You can make the curly q's by winding the piece of paper around one finger tightly and placing it gently into the ornmanet. Making confetti is even easier, just line the pieces of paper up and start using your scissors to make tiny little pieces!


Next you'll start decorating the ornaments as you please. Placing glitter, confetti, gold tinsel, and more within the ornament and adding paper and little bits of fun to the outside.


We used glue and glitter to make designs and an initial ornament for D. You could make a pattern, try to make a mountain landscape, or just add polka dots to your ornament. We also placed curly q's inside of one of the ornaments and that one may very well be the prettiest! Really though, the possibilities are endless and I look forward to making more ornaments with Delainey's helping hands next year!


Now go ahead and grab your kiddo, some glitter and get creative with some ornaments of your own and start a new tradition in your home! It's true, decorating with glitter and glue and allowing little hands to help will make for a fun project... but a messy one, no doubt. That's where the last item in our supply list comes into play. Instead of worrying about glitter hanging around our house all week long, we just grabbed our BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH Stick Vacuum and cleaned up our mess in seconds!


Are you interested in starting a family tradition in your home? Do you think you'll be using a vacuum to clean up your mess as well? Well, I've got good news... tell me in the comments below how you would use a BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH Cordless Lithium 2-IN-1 Stick Vacuum and you could be 1 of 20 lucky winners!


BLACK+DECKER has other awesome gifts to reward yourself or a loved one with, with Picture Hanging tools, Cordless Drills, and more... you're sure to find the perfect gift for every DIY-er on your list! Check out the Holiday Handbook here and start making your list and checking it twice!

Dec 1, 2016

Tis the Season to Shop: Sharing the BEST Deals at Our Fav Tech Store, a GIVEAWAY, & a coupon code!

Okay, so, we have to know... After Thanksgiving day, did you celebrate one of the biggest shopping days of the year and indulge in the Black Friday sales or did you find any stellar deals while browsing the internet on Cyber Monday? We can't lie, our bank account took a huge hit over the weekend. While we stayed in on Black Friday, we went wild on Cyber Monday - in typical nerd fashion.

We bought for Delainey, we bought for our sisters, our brothers, our nieces and nephews, and the list goes on. We are nearly finished shopping for the holidays now and that feels fantastic. We found bargains everywhere and the rush of finding a deal was totally worth waking up a little early to find some deals on the internet.

With so many amazing deals on the internet, it was a bit overwhelming to figure out what we should splurge on, but when we saw that LeMall was also offering awesome deals, we gave each other the look and knew our little shopping adventure wasn't over yet! Little did we know, the best deal we found on cyber Monday wasn't just a deal for the day... it's a deal you could even score RIGHT NOW... You just need to visit LeMall.


If you're like us, you may not have heard of LeMall yet... but let me take a second to introduce you to this premier online shop that is now launching in America!  LeEco is a family of smart products, ranging from TVs to Smartphones and it's the high-end without the huge price tag!


This ecosystem of tech products offers everything you could ever want, from unlimited cloud storage to VIP customer service and support, when you decide to buy from LeEco you join the family. You'll also receive a subscription to the EcoPass if you decide to grab a EcoPhone or EcoTV, which will grant you access to a variety of entertainment options, services, eco warranty, and discounts, and if you're interested up to 12 months of FREE DirecTV service!


Not only are the perks insane, the deals are nearly mindblowing! With the LeEco Super4 X65 Ecotv it's easy to see why it's time to upgrade to the new age. This ecotv features a 4K Ultra High Definition display, Harman Kardon sound, a quad-core CPU, a multi-core GPU, and a fully-integrated and easy to navigate user interface! You can almost turn your living room into a cinema with this beauty... Learn more about this nifty, tech-friendly TV and all of the other awesome options at LeMall.


Enough about TVs... let's talk about our favorite piece of technology, cell phones! The LePro3 Ecophone is on the top of our Christmas list this year. With a riveting design and rugged protection, it's the perfect mixture of amazing and durable and it's exactly what this couple of rough-housing-hooligans need so our phones don't end up broken. Offering the speed we need, a high MP camera, 4K video capture, extended battery for more playtime, and more, this is the phone you've been looking for.


While we're dishing out good deals and good news, we suppose we should tell you some really good news. Actually we have two pieces of good news... We will start with a coupon, if you click here and use the code 2016BFTHANKYOU, you'll receive $150 off a LeMall Phone! That's a huge savings on something already so reasonable... Maybe they could even make good Christmas presents this year for family and friends!


But that's not all the good news, hold your horses... We're excited to share that in celebration of LeMall's American launch, 10 lucky entrants will win a LeMall phone! To enter the #LeGiveaway, simply comment below with the LeMall feature you’re most excited about and why. Is it the rewards? Or the flash sales? Let me know!

The contest runs until December 31, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST. The winner will be notified directly by email or Facebook Messenger on January 6, 2017. Entrants must be residents of the US and 18+ only. Winners will be randomly selected. Comments must contain an email address, contain the entrant's Facebook username, or link to the entrant's Facebook profile.