Nov 27, 2017

The BEST Christmas Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms & Nursing Babies!

When we began our breastfeeding journey 15 months ago we really had no clue what we were getting into, we essentially we're just winging it... We have come so far since then.

Now that we've been nursing for over a year I feel like I have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to what breastfeeding really takes. I mean, nursing really is just a part of who we are as a family right now and while our journey is likely coming to an end soon, I feel like I should share some of this knowledge and on that same note, it's gift giving season and I'm sure you're making a list and checking it twice. So, if anyone on your list is breastfeeding then I suggest you check out these items that every breastfeeding mama (and baby) need:

The best gift you can give a sweet little nursling and mama is Evivo. This miracle in probiotic form is not only going to help baby's gut NOW but in the future, providing the right amount of "good bacteria" and helping to promote a healthy immune system for years to come.

With almost 2 children in every Kindergarten classroom having food allergies, it's obvious why something needs to change... and that change should be Evivo! You just simply mix a little bit of milk with the packets and let baby get a dose of goodness, each day!

Want to learn more about Evivo? Click here and use the code 4201 to save $10 off an Evivo Probiotics Starter Kit of 4 weeks or more! 

A nursing cover for mama and baby is a MUST HAVE. We nursed everywhere from the market to amusement parks with our cover and I think we both found comfort in it, me being able to modestly nurse anywhere and her being nice and warm and snug within it - it really was a win-win item for both of us!

Wondering what else would make a great gift for the little nursling in your life? Punny breastfeeding t-shirts are always a hit! Personally I love sharing the fact that she's still breastfed and I let her wear it proud.

Lanolin is another item every mama needs in the beginning. This miracle cream makes sore nipples way less tender and helps heal cracks. During those beginning stages when a baby's latch is being perfected, this cream is lifechanging.

And lastly, a gift for your mama friend - a plate of homemade lactation cookies like these! When you gift a plate of cookies that not only taste delicious but up her supply, you can't go wrong!

So tell us, what gift would you give a breastfeeding mama and baby?

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